Review – Cogheart (#1 A Cogheart Adventure)

I picked up this book on a bit of a whim as it seemed interesting and different. I am so glad that I did go for it as it was a wonderful story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cogheart by Peter Bunzl is set in a very steampunk style Victorian era, with airships and mechanical animals and butlers, and obviously our heroes of the story, Lily, Robert and the mechanical fox Malkin.

Lily isn’t the polite young lady that society dictates she should be, even the prestigious school she was sent to made no difference, she wasn’t going to change for anyone. So she was glad when she was returned home only not so pleased about the reasoning behind it. Her father’s ship had crashed and he was presumed dead. This is the beginning of our adventure!

Lily, Robert and Malkin go on this dangerous and tiring adventure, avoiding these evil men whilst trying to protect Lily’s father’s invention, the perpetual motion machine, that everyone seems to be after. Neither of the children understand why it is so important, or why Lily’s father was killed for it, but they know they need to protect it and find someone they can trust.

I have to say, there was a lot of action and adventure in this book, and I totally loved it! There were times when I was sitting here biting my lip, wondering if they were going to make it, or if they had made a big mistake. I loved the little suspense that was created within it. I also loved that twist close to the end, sorry, all the twists close to the end. I only saw it when it was too late, right at the last minute it all clicked into place.

The characters were well written and I felt like I could really understand them through Bunzl’s writing. There was also plenty of description to get my imagination working so that I could visualise it all in my head as I was reading. It was a story like no other that I have read and it had this special little spark about it which just made me love it all the more.

Overall I completely and utterly adored this book and I am looking forward to reading the next book as soon as I get my hands on it! While it is aimed at children (I’d suggest about age 9+, it is a chapter book and does have lots of action in it) I still enjoyed it and I will never let age stop me from reading any book I want. You shouldn’t either!


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