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Here is just a little about me; my name is Tee and I love reading. As you may have been able to guess I’m British (currently parked somewhere in London with a mountain of books to get through). I am also a teacher, and I enjoy reading books to and with my darling monsters (honestly, they do like to pretend to monsters).

I have always had a passion for reading, when I was growing up I adored Jacqueline Wilson books. The shelves in my bedroom were full of books, from Tracy Beaker by my favourite author, all the way to Elmer, the patchwork elephant. These days I have an even wider range which includes Terry Pratchett, Michael Morpurgo, J. K. Rowling (yes, Harry Potter), Marissa Meyer, Sarah J. Mass, Victoria Aveyard and so many more!

While I may not be a teen (Or even a ‘Young Adult’) anymore, I still enjoy reading books for teens. In particular I have a bit of a thing for science fiction and fantasy. I’m a lover of Doctor Who, which I think helped to fuel my science fiction love. I also enjoy a bit of historical fiction, I read Eliza Rose by Lucy Worsley last year and loved it.

Aside from loving books, and Doctor Who, I love my cats. I have 2, both boys and both lovely and cuddly.

 I’ve always loved books, the different worlds they take you to. One day, I want to be an author…